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Tales to tell.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Something weird just happen to me today...
well nvm.
haven been posting the past few days cause i forgot LOL
and tomorrow got GB parade.
so Funny notice board put GB on 18 sept..
which is a SUNDAY !
how are we suppose to do drills when we dun need bring boots LOL.
Hiaz got my history and chinese results back so dumb...
alll i practically just pass.
I'm a Noob.
BUT i was quite impressed with my chinese paper 1(the compo)
marks. got like 43/70
Might look noobish to u but i never thought i would get this high LOL
cause i write damn little.
but my paper 2 ( the one u got the open ended question de)-SARKS
i like totally Flunked it ...
i'm a freaking NOOB
i hope no teachers see my blog ..

FairyTales are beautiful lies ; {2:42 PM}
______Lonely Kira___________________________________________________

Monday, October 12, 2009

Exam over le ...
ahhh the stress is gone
(i kinda miss the stress LOL)
nvm oh ya the pictures...
i like the second one:)
although my face like those blur blur one
it is called acting innocent ok!(:
damn heck my audi like crap
need delete and install again sianz
anyways i have a great time today cant tell u people why :P
but i think some knows larh (:
anyways need go download audi le
tomorrow also no school(:
tomorrow its also Lucas BBQ
lets hope everything go well for him ya?
he actually forgot to invite me but i forgave him :P
alot people going but i dun think me parents allow HAIZ
another boring day tomorrow.

FairyTales are beautiful lies ; {10:16 PM}
______Lonely Kira___________________________________________________

Sunday, October 11, 2009

This is supposed to be posed last friday but i forgot
err actually we (me and Jacelyn) went to west mall to watch THE MEAT BALL SHOW!
sadly its not in 3d LOL *sobs*
yup we took some neoprints but i lazy post cause veri late liao i next time then post
u can go to JACELYN darling's blog (which she privated)
and see
but since its privated i think i'll post it next time :P
OH YA tomorrow is art exam the last one
i'm actually doing researh pictures now:P can tell i'm a last min worker:D hahaha
so ok got to goooo

FairyTales are beautiful lies ; {11:31 PM}
______Lonely Kira___________________________________________________

Thursday, October 8, 2009

It completely sarks but what to do .. drained all my energy..
luckly got my darling(: *give u a hint JACELYN=3*
:DD onli she can make me energetic(:
I wanna THANK GOD for giving me such a gooood friend
he is AWESOME!!
waaaa two more days i go church :D yeahhhhh~~
haizzzz tommorow DnT
kinda our last paper cause next Mon is Art which is not really a paper-is it 0.0
tommorrow i also going out with my Darling Jacelyn :DD
HAIZZZ i dunno wad to sayy le

FairyTales are beautiful lies ; {2:00 PM}
______Lonely Kira___________________________________________________

Monday, October 5, 2009

hahahahaaha lol i posted this pics because SOMEONE requested me to post some of my photos cause that SOMEONE keeps forgetting how i look(: kkays so dun think i'm those ZI LIAN people :D

FairyTales are beautiful lies ; {11:04 AM}
______Lonely Kira___________________________________________________

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